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Leon Osborn

From Australia is newcomer Leon Osborn. His eclectic sound of layered textures and complicated beats make him stand out from other producers - a feat hard to do in today’s industry. And better yet, he’s started a new campaign called Nature Strips, releasing new songs every Tuesday. With releases from Pilerats and Die High, I’m excited to see where the year will take him.

xx V.

Figgy • The Truth

With new releases off of Symbols Recordings, Figgy hasn’t been slowing down since our last write up on him. The Truth brings together a floaty melody with sooth repetitive vocals, perfecting the sound of tropical house. Download for free on his soundcloud.

xx V.


From Melbourne comes Hopium, a duo burgeoning in a mixture of electronic indie pop and r&b. In Cut, their sound is dark and wavering with a combination of swelling synths and bass lines, yet with Dreamers, their sound changes into something more commercial with a catchy synth pop melody and a backing feature by Phoebe Lou of the defunked Snakadaktal. With only two songs out, it’s hard to see where they’re going, but I’m interested in hearing more in the months to come.


Yamantaka // Sonic Titan • Hoshi Neko (CFCF Organic Remix)

While Yamantaka // Sonic Titan’s music goes towards experimental noise rock, CFCF has managed to recreate the band’s weirdly eerie aesthetic with a soundtrack of orchestral instruments that is so captivatingly beautiful, you would have thought the vocals belonged with his rendition in the first place. CFCF has always been a favourite producer of mine, using settleties as a way to create an ambience that doesn’t overdo itself like in his remix of Sleep ∞ Over’s Romantic Streams (which will forever be on my repeat list). Sometimes simplisticity is key.

xx V.


With a nostalgic voice that croons towards a mixture of Lana Del Rey and Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon comes Vancouver based singer, songwriter and composer Unjee. In her latest release Saddest Eyes, the dark aesthetics are prevalent through her lyricism and tonality yet still hold r&b tendencies that make them complimentary. Grab the download for free here.

xx V.

Magic Mistakes • Hollow Bodies

The new mysterious captivating music video for Magical Mistakes' Hollow Bodies, a single off his Decompose/Reassemble EP available at King Deluxe Records.

xx V.

Kool Klux Klan • Hitmonlee

Hitmonlee follows a hypnotic beat paired with aggressively fluid lyricisms by Cal Rips, Crashprez, King Rose, Swish and Sir E.U. This release follows the recent passing of AVIONADRAMIDA, a member of the collective. Through Hitmonlee, the Kool Klux Klan shows us an intensity that I’m sure we’ll hear more of.

Supplementary mentions also go to producer Bluseph Garmenian, who also raps himself, and shows vigor in Versailles as well as his interesting repetitive sampling in Mai Lana and My Royal Highness.

xx V.

Rusty Hook x Katuchat • Kitty EP

A collaboration dedicated to their love for Cashmere Cat, Rusty Hook and Katuchat offer up two interesting renditions to Aurora and Mirror Maru. While Rusty Hook’s version holds onto a similar sound, he flips it in a way that recreates the song with bouncy basslines and a more minimal approach. Katuchan on the other hand reiterates Mirror Maru with chimes and an adorable meowing sample that will melt your heart. Grab the EP for free here.

xx V.

Mickey Kojak

From Sydney comes Mickey Kojak with his debut release Feel My Pain. Picked up by Sweat It Out! Music, this just reassures Kojak’s talent as a burgeoning artist. With his flatmate Tazzy lending her soothing vocals, Feel My Pain has all the requirements of becoming this summer’s anthem with wonky basslines and perfectly bouncy rhythms. Get ready for the release this Friday from Sweat It Out.

xx V.

ELLIO • High Rise

Another hit from one of our favourites ELLIO. High Rise definitely describes the energy in which this song emulates with strong brass synths and soft warm pads that give off a nostalgic futurism. Download it for free here.

xx V.